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Having the right prenatal care is essential to ensure that a mother and her baby remain as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. The team at OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami offers expert prenatal care and delivery services to women in Miami. To learn more about the prenatal care available from OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami, call the office to make an appointment today.

Prenatal Care & Delivery Q & A

What is the Purpose of Prenatal Care?

The purpose of prenatal care is to monitor you and your baby throughout the pregnancy to ensure that you’re both as healthy as possible. In addition, your doctor educates you throughout the pregnancy so you know what to expect. Prenatal care also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your pregnancy along the way.

Prenatal care begins shortly after you become aware of the pregnancy and continues until the baby is born.

What Happens During Prenatal Care Appointments?

During each prenatal appointment, a staff member at OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami checks your blood pressure, takes your temperature, and checks your weight. Next, your doctor performs an exam, where they check the growth of your uterus, evaluate your weight gain, and ask questions about your symptoms.

After the pregnancy has progressed to a certain point, you’ll get to hear the baby’s heartbeat at your prenatal appointments. During later appointments, the doctor may perform a pelvic exam to look for the signs of labor.

How Often Do Pregnant Women Need to See the Doctor?

At the beginning of the pregnancy, you won’t need to see the doctor as frequently. However, as the pregnancy progresses, your appointments will become more frequent.

Some women need to see the doctor more often than others. For example, if you’re carrying multiple babies, or if you have other issues that make you high risk, you may need to see the doctor more frequently. OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami can tell you how often you’ll need to come in.

What Happens During Labor and Delivery?

When the pregnancy is almost complete, your doctor explains what to expect during labor and delivery. In most cases, they’ll instruct you to come to the hospital at a specific point during labor. When you reach the hospital, the staff makes sure you’re in active labor before admitting you.

After being admitted to the hospital, you may be offered pain medication or an epidural. You’ll be monitored continuously until the baby is born.

In some cases, labor doesn’t start when it should. If your doctor is concerned about this issue, they may recommend an induction. In other cases, a traditional delivery may not be safe, and you’ll need a cesarean section.

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