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Women of all ages need to see an OB/GYN once each year for a well woman exam. The purpose of this exam is to screen for common medical problems and provide treatment when necessary, as well as to educate women about their health. OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami offers comprehensive well woman exams to women throughout Miami. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your annual exam.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is a Well Woman Exam?

A well woman exam is an exam designed to make sure you’re in good health. During this exam, the doctor evaluates your current health, looks for signs of common health problems, and makes sure you’re up-to-date on any vaccinations you need. A well woman exam also gives you a chance to ask questions about your health or mention any symptoms you’ve noticed at home.

Why are Well Woman Exams Important?

Well woman exams give the doctor an opportunity to catch minor medical problems before they become more serious. By identifying conditions as early as possible, the doctor can get you the treatment you need quickly. Earlier treatment usually leads to better outcomes.

Well woman exams also allow you to take control of your own health. During these exams, you can ask questions, learn about different health issues, and find out how to manage your own health more effectively at home.

What Happens During a Well Woman Exam?

Most well woman exams begin with an evaluation of your vital signs. A member of the staff at OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami takes your temperature, checks your blood pressure, and measures your heart rate. You may also be asked to step on a scale at the beginning of your appointment.

After reviewing your vital signs, your doctor performs a physical exam. They may listen to your lungs and heart and palpate specific parts of the body. In many cases, the doctor also performs a pelvic exam, which may include a pap smear.

At the end of the appointment, the doctor may recommend specific tests to investigate issues they noticed during the exam or issues you reported. They may also suggest vaccinations and refill medications.

When Should Patients Schedule a Well Woman Exam?

Most women need to schedule a well woman exam once each year. Well woman exams should usually begin when you become sexually active or reach the age of 21. If you aren’t sure whether a well woman exam is appropriate, please contact OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami for guidance.

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